Photos in four men and four women, but a past, we found, was the first to see photos of Tang Tang, Tang Tang goes especially wearing gold embroidered red dress photo.

  Too stunning.
  Tang Tang has always been glamorous looks, large red and gold colors of this strong, it is too much for her, Xue Fu ink red hair, delicate features of pick no hint of problems, plus the lips between the amount gold, beautiful people shift is not open eyes.
  And this picture, Tang Tang’s eyes is so amazing everyone.
  Publicity and despotic, if next to another with the words, it must be –
  Your garbage.
  This figure behind followed by another photograph of a Tang Tang, and on a completely different look, but can not hide the gloomy feminine, Ruoliu Fufeng look, and feel com上海419同城对对碰pletely different before goes, if to this photo Coupled with the word, it should be –
  I’m afraid, do not bully me.
  Look has been very amazing, to see shining, it is amazing.
  Many people subconsciously directly save the picture.
  Not powder, but it is really so beautiful, I want to deposit.
  Tang Siu-tong said before a lot of passers-ruined drama, directly change the tone,
  [Tang Tang This is too stunning, is entirely in the eyes of the first beauty Ling sisters ah.]
  [Read Tang Siu-tong these two calm makeup, I look forward to some.]
  [This color value me crazy, if they really are vases, for this face I can chase down.]
  [Expressive Tang Siu-tong good strong ah, two photos look absolutely not a person.]
  Three sisters Ling such a woman, but just look at Lively, thought she was the female lead.
  Yan Yan Tang Tang family and fans who see a black powder fire in my belly, Yan Yan is clearly a woman, but on the whole Lively discussion of Tang Tang, some fans got mad, cynical Tang Siu-tong said that indeed Saint entertainment pro daughter with capital into the group is Niubi, the protagonist was a calm makeup according to her alone accounted for two.
  But after opening comment,
  [Younger sister, read the original, please come talk?]
  [Tang Siu-tong who played two roles, two calm makeup in question?]
  [Yan Yan family meal, no wonder it.]

[Essays] spring spring old house

REVIEW Liuniansishui, bustling replacement, only the constant care of this old house!In the spring, write these words, there are missed, there is memory, there is heart, there is also a little bit sad!  The window is a Rhapsody.April’s spring, the grass sprout new green everywhere, green grass, willow and green, have a peach, white pear, as well as style yellow canola flower, to add unlimited color this season.    In April this spring deep, almost no one does not bounce our heartstrings, almost no one does not impress our minds, almost no one does not touch a finger on our keyboard.    And the past, like son away to school, they went straight to the road work.The town is still immersed in the morning the night of balderdash, hazy, few pedestrians, the occasional passing a vehicle from the side, are lazy, people seem to feel that the air force did not.Fortunately, groups of school children, bustling in the morning, the formation of a unique landscape of this small town.    From home to units, but also travel only a few minutes.But just on this a few minutes, I stay away more than a dozen Spring and Autumn Period.Youth on this road through, eager to linger on this road, this road overlapping footprints.Looking back, I would understand a person’s way of life, and sometimes it has been hovering in a few minutes.However, this does not mean we do not extend the foot of the road ahead, the spring can reincarnation, but our youth could never come back!    Years rush to come, and hurried to.In this planting season, apart from planting, cultivation and expectations, that is, stop to enjoy.Around us there are numerous scenic, but because of busy and let us ignore, as landscape life of youth, when we look back, before we know if God could give us such an opportunity, at least will go better than it is now.This could explain what it can?I think the only thing is to cherish his now.    But also the beginning of the day, sitting in the office, looking out the window swaying willow, I suddenly found in front of the willow like a graceful girl, dancing in the morning breeze, but it can give people unlimited reverie!Spring wind, the wind moving with spring, shy, amorous feelings, how can they set off text in this world?Once again, I torture myself in my heart!    A spring ten million trees, golden and tender as soft on wire.In April, spring, willow became this herald of spring, green leaves, solo in the spring, leaving many to the world Spring chapter!    Looking forward around the satisfaction of spring, I am reminded of the old house home, and now has gone through numerous trials and from me, it is with me to support my family.When spring comes often encounter the earth, the old house was silent voices will spring break, wooded yard and have life, and even weeds will flock to experience spring in every corner, not because our away and leave, it will not lose their joy and opt out, this small courtyard to witness a story of another spring, weed seems to be the best partner small room, no matter the pace of the spring to go there how difficult, no matter how many joys and sorrows of this lodge bear from shouting at the baptism of years in solitary, and they have to try to have a lively and warm here to continue.This is also the reason, they let me thank our family’s old house has not lonely.Suffered in the spring, think of the old house, think of the story of the old house, my mood suddenly grew heavy.Everyone has their own story, that once accompanied me through childhood and teen old house and yard, and remember how much our words?Spring comes, we find four siblings greenery in the yard, at noon the family sitting in the courtyard of apple trees, listening to the parents tell the story, and now I think of it the truth in life there are a lot of inspiration from the story of parents , for example, treat people good, honest, serious, and so on, these are in the yard of the old house obtained!    Small, because naughty, I always love when spring came first glance, the yard again and again pulling the grass, just when we get carried away, when parents encounter will be reprimanded again and again, again and again reprimanded after, we discovered that our parents will always destroy weeds and re-buried on a number of new territories, is trying to give them the opportunity to once again trampled weeds survivors only, with age, I understand the parents to do so the reason, again and again to have such good-hearted parents proud for life!Today the old house is still, still spring, but the father has to go, think of these, the overall mood can not be ignored in the past memories of the old house.    Said the old house, it is only through the Spring and Autumn Period more than forty years of it.Listen to their parents say, big uncle to take care of the team was killed in the war of liberation in the built.When moved here, I remember there in a yard east of the creek, the west are still fields, may in no circumstances a few years, my grandmother died, around here built rows of new houses, our family that old house has gradually no longer alone, yard trees also a decrease day by day, until today only a few trees had kept their original appearance, from the folds of their skin, had not read a youthful atmosphere!But the peach and pear trees in bloom season, still can provoke bees fly Splendor, so that all people feel the voice of spring!    Liuniansishui, bustling replacement, only the constant care of this old house!In the spring, write these words, there are missed, there is memory, there is heart, there is also a little bit sad!The good news is, even if the number of old text, can the old house in the spring, color, happiness will not change.    2011.4.13 in the morning [Editor: Can children]

  [Well, there is a problem sandalwood.]

  Nan Fei Yu immediately wary.
  The room has a monitor, Xianghe should know, that she wanted to direct her to bite?
  It turns out that Xianghe mean it.
  Nan Fei Yu pretending to be unconscious, but pricked up his ears to listen to the room of movement.
  Windows shaking slightly, only a weak voice, and then she felt toward the window beside Xianghe went.
  ”Hector really, you come.”Xianghe whispered opening, there is apprehension in his voice could not conceal his joy is.
  Hector has really destroyed the monitor, so there is no scruples, direct hold on her.
  However, in order not to disturb other people in the castle, he refrained from biting the neck bearing incense, although he has a antsy.
  ”Xianghe, so I hurry to find out what happened?”He had given her a bell, just rang, he would come looking for her.
  ”Hector really, you do not mean half lotus useful to you what, she was right here.”Xianghe mood is quite complex.
  She as human beings, on the face with a half-lotus vampire worse part of it, even in the tribal blood is obscure, if not for her blood, Hector is really not see will not look at her?
  He took a half lotus, she will not be emotional.
  Hector really seemed to be able to see through her concerns like, looking down and kissed her lips, but also hard to bite her lips, blood made him feel faint trace strands of Akira God.
  ”Xianghe, half lotus for me is a tool.”He said something.
  Xianghe set the centering, glanced at the figure on the bed and asked, “Are you going to kill her right?”
  She comes from a family of hunters, b广州桑拿ut fell in love as pure blood of Hector true.
  Her people wanted her to provoke a fight and silver home Helian home, and so the two families have suffered heavy casualties when the then administration of a vicious blow.

Night chat

Saturday went to the bedroom where the girl Beijing routinely back home, her boyfriend at the side of the two girls also both went to the appointment, I left the bedroom, music and Johnson.Saturday is my favorite day, no class, do not worry tomorrow will be in class.    After lights out, we do not mean to sleep, got up very early since tomorrow without classes, nature is no reason to worry at night to sleep.Custom bedroom is Thursday night and Saturday night will talk, do not worry because the next day is Saturday to get up, as to why Thursday night to talk about is the whole reason people are more bedroom.Girls bedroom is always around the topic of gossip and boys, but our bedroom is an exception, the one that we basically do not watch much TV, gossip poorly understood, and secondly it is that we already have a boyfriend, it is not gossip necessary.    ”This week’s lesson can be really boring, basically below to read the novel, the teacher speaks a little logic and no, I do not know how when a university professor.”Music is a favorite to speak, is the most whiny, university professors for class way, have not been able to accept from the outset.    Phone in bed groping me and said: “My lesson came too boring, but there is a teacher okay, put it very attractive, pose a question I feel quite interesting, that’s what seems to be the target life of.”Jiao lazy a lazy stretch waist:” What is the purpose of the mission ah?”Johnson is a favorite of philosophy, has been regretted the wrong profession, but they do nothing.    ”That person’s life in the end what is the most important, life is hard, life is easy, in the end which one is the most meaningful, is like saying that a person work hard all his life, earn a lot of money with a lot of reputation, but when he died will not regret that he had not had a good play, it is not good to accompany their loved ones?”I went on to explain.    ”Why should other people will not regret it, do my own not on the list yet?”For this kind of music has always been a topic very objectionable, always think of all the things do not have to think about it, let it just fine, so-called philosophers of all much ado about nothing.    ”I want to say, I am sure the family friendship in the first place, what fame and fortune is not very important to me.”Johnson ignored the music, then lay it said..    ”Ah, fame is not important to me, then we change the subject, do you think they can live in a totally unfamiliar environment it?I mean in a no relatives, no friends of the environment.”Taking into account the feelings of music, I will talk to the night shift in the direction a bit.    ”I certainly can not, and I can not live away from their loved ones in.”Johnson then said.    Music like thought for a moment, very seriously, said: “always want to leave their loved ones in the new environment, there should be a new friend.”” I mean no relatives and friends, as if all the people in this world are gone, like, only you own one, but has enough food and entertainment.”I then added this proposition.    ”In this case, as long as there is enough entertainment so I can not be bored on the line.”Le went on to say.    ”Tonight’s topic is really boring ah, late, sleep.”Johnson then ended the night time chat.    I want to let me in a completely family and friends of world survival is impossible, therefore, is to thank those in my life family and friends.

  ”Puchi” under candlelight coldness Zhaxian.

  Everyone did not react, to see the bamboo tower inside the gap, actually pop out of thin air a razor blade!
  Jiang Rou surprised, stared at the bright Cao.
  Cao was shining like a long expected, s都市夜网he calmly waist twist, later backed by bamboo tower dodge, avoid those sharp knife, and then they flash!
  She docked back at first place, there is still a sharp knife!
  Jiang Rou gasp, a great sense of impulse to want to curse!
  This special What God will Hornsey, simply perverted!
  She thought snatch the top spot, as long as you can run fast enough, and in fact I did not expect another authority on bamboo tower!
  The little girl and a little guilty and a lingering fear, she climbed up along the red silk, did not even take the unusual way, those authorities therefore have no trigger, she did not transported from a superb run.
  Cao was shining not so lucky, the whole bamboo tower actually has authority only red silk hanging orientation and it did not.
  Jiang Cao Rou see bright displ佛山桑拿网ay their versatile, or flash or avoid, or name the engaged, or block off, good skill was dazzling.
  She watched, genuinely admire from Cao bright, and she felt the most qualified to take the top spot prizes.
  Girl squatting on the throne narrow bands, fingers and mouth, under the bright peek towards Cao shouted: “Cao girl, come on yo!”
  This is the sound of cheer, but it is very true.
  Cao looked at her beautiful, tower authorities continue to concentrate on coping bamboo.
  ”Hey.”Jiang Rou sighed, which stand high and see far ahead, but also very cold, she was a little lonely at it like this.

Le Hai overtones, lingering Miao Miao

Music has always been my hobby, like the kind of leisurely mood, like the kind like the water like calm and peaceful atmosphere.Probably everyone is eager to find a suitable thing their hearts, such as music, books, film and television.Heartwarming things in general can have its unique charm, beautiful things are always looking for people and pursue the.In today’s state of people’s lives matter meet, people actually in pursuit of a higher quality of life, which is a spiritual pursuit.    The spiritual world is always full of desire, but they are always an unsaturated state.For this reason, people always tireless quest.In the process of development of human history, the first time you use the tool from the beginning has been thinking invention of vigor and vitality.In progress, people see hope in life and the future of light.Knowledge endless, the pursuit is also endless, the development needs of our minds become more substantial, and in full, they also must have their own unique way of thinking, so that people can innovate, we can better stronger development.    People often have a dream as a teenager, although this may not have realized the dream, but people are still willing to do the dream of.People tend to have a dream in spirit is the pursuit of romantic pursuit of higher and better life.They want a high quality of life.In the case of sufficient state of matter, the United States and people are willing to look for the kind of soul, willing to find a suitable way of life.    Romance and passion, joy and tears, emotion perhaps too deep in our own sight.Suddenly, you hear a burst of beautiful music, you will feel like to find a bosom friend.There is a touching moment than that, and when a time like that, you feel a very clear touched, perhaps tears filling the eyes, but the heart is very pleased.This is a profound joy, he will make you remember that feeling, then never again forget.It was a feeling like his beloved and affectionate lover of the sea, it is a reunion of long-lost feeling, that feeling can inspire you as many ripples my heart just feels really beautiful!    I can not remember what I was like when suddenly had a feeling, but can not remember the time, but the feeling is very deep, always in my heart.I like to read good books, I like to listen to music for the soul, like a stroll in the green, looked up at it like a vast immense sky.Thoughts between the mind, suddenly wanted to find a breakthrough, so I chose to listen to music.    Music at some point role is to be an inspiring.Sometimes our hearts just sleeping, and he was looking forward to something to wake it.Such things may be music.Most modern people are busy working in a kind of state, gradually less up reading, listening to music Xianxin gradually faded.But there is always a moment that we need to rest, need a quiet precipitation, when listening to music or reading a book has become the best choice.    Some people have hobbies is a good thing after all, so not only can ease the stress in your life, but also a beautiful enjoyment.After a hard day’s work, people need quiet and rest, rest can rely on this in the comfort of a bed pillow, you can open a table lamp in the quiet of the night, releasing great music in the MP3.    United States cast the United States taste of life, elegant taste can also enhance people’s temperament, improve their self-cultivation.From now on, we do share the sentiments of the people have a right!Let go of all, learn to quiet the precipitation, silent learn to think, learn to feel some good things in this world.    For music, I’m not a person very proficient, but I know who created it and that it would certainly be valuable in history.I like music, because music can inspire people, I like music, because music can be brushed the dust of my mind.I can not forget a long time ago that I feel young at the time to listen to music on TV, I can not forget that the mind is very peaceful feeling.    Music can be an inspiring, full of people inspiration, the beauty of music, not only because of its beautiful melody sing, but also that it can be a period of years of memories, a lot of people it can carry something inside, like emotions, such as memory.    Perhaps you have had such a feeling that there is a song that makes you never forget, it is perhaps because it carries even more than its own thing, so it will leave a deep imprint on your heart.    Music, sometimes not just music, it can be a mood, an expression.So, the appropriate stop, looking for a warm and comfortable place, listen to some music bar!That will let you open a door, something that will touch your heart.Music can be a friend, be a friend, a lover may be.

  Huo fake smile, laugh Su Wan Jun Where’s the self-confidence.

  If the proposed pull pull marry him immediately put Su Wan Jun, Huo imitation will embrace.
  Jailer opened the door, the staff came back, “There is a file, Miss Su pull it.”
  That is the greatest above the words “dissolution of marriage.”
  The marriage age is potent, not the cause, not the innocent party breach of contract.
  Su Huo family and marriage are just off the year.
  Such as Su Wan Jun fleeing forced marriages are forced to break the law.
  ”Signed it, I signed that you no connection.”
  Su Wan Huo Jun looked fake, she did not expect to imitate the reaction will not look like this.
  Obviously we do not want to, but really let Su Wan Jun sign this, but also very willing.
  But the situation than people.
  Su Wan Jun endured the humiliation signed h北京风月网ere.
  At this point, the Soviet Union and Wan Jun Huo imitation of marriage, the complete disarmament.
  ”There is a document.”
  ”You want me to break off relations and Su?Why?”
  Jailer shook their heads, never seen such arrogant prisoner.
  ”I stand with you now Huo family groundwater prison.
  If you do not cooperate, you have to die today.”
  Man, then reveal a deep disregard for the value of life Su Wan苏州桑拿论坛 Jun.

Rainy night listening to the rain

Love for rain for a long time, like walking in the rain, breathing the fresh air of thin cold; like upturned face, so every now and then the rain kiss the cheek, that a relaxed feel comfortable; rain falls like to see in a calm lake, hit from the ripples, like a rainy night listening to the rain, listening to the rain gently sigh.Rain, Che pure hearts of the world.— Inscription “light a dream fly free, boundless Siyu fine as worry.”Rainy night listening to the rain, seems to be a light melancholy, seems to be a habit, it seems to be a pleasure, what in the end is hard to tell, but clearly like to have long been accustomed, accustomed to another in such a rainy night a man standing at the window, listened to the rain.    Rainy night listening to the rain to enjoy a lonely, more is the right time to enjoy a quiet and peaceful and enjoy the mind is the process of purification.In this purification process, the rain, Che pure hearts of the world.Life in some trouble, some of the pressure of work and some inexplicable worries will be washed in this rainy night, washed, be relieved.    Always used to be the heart of exile in this rainy night, so that their baptism in the rain slowly comprehend the true life, away from the bustle and enjoy the tranquility and listen to the sound from the heart, rainy night listening to the rain, so slowly become my habit.Like to use the word habit, because when a natural habit when rain rainy night, my heart is to depend on.Rainy night of rain, lonely when my healing medicine, talk to people when troubles, rainy night of rain, with me cleanse me, fulfill me.    Many times people always live in contradiction, always hesitant and confused vision, a loss.Warmly enthusiastic desire and fear, but eager to enjoy the lonely, seemingly simple yet so complicated; there are a lot of people and things when faced with complex, helpless; there are a lot of time and like walking in a secular way street, not far away, also can not go back, uninvited trouble, loneliness go hand in hand.    In front of the world, the endless wonderful life, may still be unhappy still lonely.In many cases, deployment is obviously smile, eyes that can not hide a trace of lonely and betrayed his own heart, no way of knowing exactly where it comes from that lonely.Was born in fortunate, aloof and arrogant or self-righteous?The answer is obviously not.Loneliness is a human instinct, is from the heart unspeakable solitude.    It is said that One reason for suffering, because the pursuit of too many others had tired heart, because you want too much, the reason why people are not happy, because too much care about.I do not know my tired and lonely, because too many want something, or too pursuit of perfection, or that are too blame others, always feel some of the people and things, is what I see, so confused , therefore confused.    Sometimes very upset, I do not know why, always feel that life lacks some fun, this also seems to be missing a lot of the world was not supposed to lose the good.Indeed, the social progress, highlighting the material civilization, we enjoy a lot of hard years unexpected wonderful, can also pale material civilization spiritual civilization, many priceless precious in disappearing, secluded in good faith, as a friendly secluded.Apply now a popular lyric: truth valuable, hard to find true love.I wonder if this phenomenon is not worth the candle, or value for money, not judge.    Respect, cherish, understanding, care, tolerance, understanding, this series had been cherished human sentiment, and slowly evolved into everyday spoken language from people’s hearts.A lot of people, is a selfish interests at the expense of the suffering of others, to get something for nothing complacent for stepping on someone else’s shoulders and Yangyangdeyi, human nature of truth, goodness and beauty are set aside between one side, interpersonal exchanges seems to reflect the interests, seems to have forgotten this world there are the most beautiful feelings — that priceless sincerity and goodwill.    But are often afraid of hurting hurt, afraid of loneliness have to deal with loneliness, this is the gift of life.Thus, to little hurt, a lot of people will themselves wrapped up layer by layer, rather lonely, lonely also choose in the front row.So, all the enthusiasm will be in the cycle of apathy, depression.    Love in the silence of the night, a cup of tea for himself, put a few grains of rice in the Chrysanthemum tea, the fragrance of tea leaves so, then mixed into the elegant chrysanthemum.Look at a piece of green buds slowly stretch in boiling water, slowly sinking, such as general small Chrysanthemum rice topaz, then scroll through the stretch of green leaves, giving a pleasing at the same time, also brought a dispassionate comfortable.    Tea, seems to be a man’s patent, such a woman as I can, love tea.Tea their hands, it seems to have become a habit.Spare time, when busy, happy, sad time, there is always a cup of tea with me around.Tea, warm my thoughts, my soul warm, warm my heart.More often, tea for me, is dependent on.    Dependence, how well a noun.I think any one person, whether strong or not, lonely or not, there will be dependent on the heart, are eager to get a job that allows rely on their trust, are eager to get information to a recreation of the mind, they are eager to get a enough to make Immerse yourself in the blue sky, as I hold in the palm of the cup can sense the temperature of tea.    Dependence, has become my habit, dependence, also my heart expect.How can look forward to more of a life so dependent and less ruthless hurt, as this in the hands of tea, this rainy night rain, go hand in hand, stubbornly persists, see the truth in the silent office.    In the dense mist curl rising, the rustle of the rain outside the window, and chrysanthemum tea together so naturally exudes a different kind of fresh fragrance, considered that sublimation is not bitter in?    Rainy night listening to the rain, listening to the rain melody sonata in the darkness, in the night sometime, some people slowly memories, gradually forgot something.

  It was the last days Qin Xuan official who worked at the base of the library, in addition to their previous life memory, with the outer half of the original internal force him nothing when he had just passed over.

  In his mother’s death, she has unwittingly opened the library.
  Today was the fir北京风月网st time he went, Qin Xuan Strangely, in this library, he did not see an administrator or other person.
  Just get, Qin Xuan think they can be connected with the end of the world ancient, but he went to the front of the library, but found the door open.
  That he now only library in this event, people will not encounter end of the world, he does not go out from the door.

Chapter 9
  That maid was thrown into the library after him, Qin Xuan had just seized from her purse, purse filled with a folded piece of paper with only one sentence: “Wang heard the news, suicides.”
  Qin Xuan thought, try to find out in the library rice paper, cut to exactly the same size, then imitate the handwriting Naya Huan wrote: Wang heard the news, pre-kill slaves, slaves then poison.
  Such a change, the future impact can cause a completely different.
  Again these sheets of paper folded in accordance with the original one is good, as it was back into the maid’s body, then took her out.
  Qin Xuan easily find a relatively secretive, and go after the rockery cave on the Royal Palace the only way, her tear strips of cloth, with water pouring these maids wake.
  That maid woke up ohh cried, Qin Xuan coldly stared at her, then punched and kicked her, finally, came to hear the voices of others in the vicinity, he was in a hurry to run away.
  Came here to find out this is exactly the maid, the maid left it in the Qin Xuan, quickly set aside the awkward hole.
  She soon found that people who came to look for her, the two men hurried to help her untie the rope, pull out a cloth stuffed in her mouth.
  Back to Royal slept, she sat on a small baidunzi, sobbing: “The three princes, presumably slaves on the back along with a large four princes aunt to persuade the rest, three princes were angry over, and he knew your great aunt is relied on people, not actively look great aunt trouble, then either the slaves, he has been kicked when the slaves of slaves wake up, but fortunately that purse borne by slaves possession, this.This is not.”
  This maid development better, she got back this important purse thought to want to, put the purse into the deep groove between the two in the chest, then dare to so in front of the Royal guaranteed by three things absolutely no Prince found.
  ”You’re good.”Xie Mandan slowly stroking his hair and said:” You told her learn the point, it is important signaling, can be easily hidden in concealed possession, the house owned rewarded.”
  House maid were to present themselves should be opt.
  In the two weeks before the enthronement, Wang Qing and Chen Hongfeng finally arrived at the Royal Park, is also the last day they arrived WANG Shu-qin Tingling, after a last look at WANG Shu-qin in the hall of the remains, they will never be Tianrenyongge, meet in only in a dream or Land of the Dead.
  Miller says the day before, Chen Hongfeng crutches old lady cried all the way from the entrance to the palace hall WANG Shu-qin.
  After seeing several grandson kneeling in front of the hall, the old lady holding the grandchildren were crying, also pointed to kneel in front of the hall Xie Mandan cursed whore, she learned that her daughter’s death南宁夜网, they immediately got to know the son of the empire case, simmering gas early in the morning, this time to the onset of fall, Qinbo Zhang stood nor is advised not advise nor is he a mouth to speak, then crutches mother will have to go greet him.
  Chen Hongfeng not only his mother, or his Mistress, Mr. Wang had his worship into sects, but also married his daughter, was riding high now, but already have changed.
  The old lady cried and asked him: “Do you remember when you did seek to marry harp, with your mentor how to ensure the?”

You are my three thousand Weak

“I do not last forever, only care to have.”How many people say the views on love, love is the most beautiful language in the world, how many people love the smell of love tough battle, do not care about the environment, do not care about age, status, forget love.Even if not love, the heart also left a lasting imprint.Is so young, love is love, whether it is love or chasing love, etc..  I asked the Buddha: “Why not give all the appearance of a woman Biyuexiuhua?Buddha said: That short-lived, blinded eyes to the world, there is nothing the United States can be arrived through a pure loving heart.I give it to every woman, but someone let it cast a gray.”Red Dust, mortal beings, fly several times, he lost his eye.But when love and Love behind us, who perfected who?Who squandered a Who?True love is hard to say, the outcome is hard to say, have hope, have regrets, you know.?  I asked the Buddha: “How to make people’s hearts no longer feel lonely?Buddha said: every heart is born alone and crippled, most people go through life with such defects, because when the other half to make it a successful encounter, not negligent to miss, that has lost its own qualifications.”Forget the past, in the next month!Perhaps love is grass, but each year is still green, even when wildfires burned, until the time when the return of spring, the little green still stretches to the ends of the earth.But, I do not know this year or last year, the grass can?  I asked the Buddha: “Why in the world have so many regrets?Buddha said: This is a whirling world, leaving no regret, no matter how much you appreciate the happiness you will not be happy.I asked why I am always sad when snow?Buddha said: be over, leaving the winter something to commemorate what the earth?”True love tough as silk, but not necessarily stand the grinding time, when the situation really can be achieved if the two long, is the most beautiful destination.People look for him thousands of Baidu, but since that person is in the dim lights.There are ten million flowers in the world, but I love this one alone.Think, and you work in the depths of the clouds, boiling pot of wine, wine the sky, Zuiwo Shiliang, look at this world innumerable twists and turns, since then, no burnout.  I asked the Buddha: “Why my feelings always ups and downs?Buddha said: all knowing, all knew!There are monthly Profit and Loss, tidal fluctuation there, ups and downs for the Pacific side!”Love is often the case, when we have exhausted all the passion to falling in love, always too young and too impulsive.When we truly know love, you have missed the spring, missed the flowers are the most beautiful time.Perhaps this world and bad of the United States is the most beautiful.  Buddha said: “edge of ice, ice in my arms I will, of the ice, I found that edge is gone, the sentient beings to experience cause and effect cycle, from the experience of pain, experiencing painful process, only the penetration of life essence, to get eternal life.”In life, love needs to be time to verify, but we tend to ignore it, there is no patience to wait for it to bear rich fruit.Life is always dull, love is not perfect.In years to come we must learn to cherish, what exactly is it marriage?That is, two lonely hearts set up a place to escape the world of wind and rain.Each of us is an angel wing, when you find that person, only to learn to fly.  When to get love, we want to know how to care.After all, we are living in the real world, love also need to be hard to operate, hard to care for, do not marvel at until we lose it, love is the basis of marriage, marriage is the love of home, but also expressions of love.Life is a journey, vast world is a temple, and all beings are spiritual monk.  Happiness is how warm words, happiness is to find a warm person, helped each other through the whole life.Happiness is to have a treasure you, love you, a lifetime can protect you, love you till the fat man falling teeth, that person is really valuable.Perhaps, when he’s around you, you do not know how much I love him, perhaps you will feel the lack of passion dull life, but not the man kept nagging at your side, when that person no longer care about you when the pain, you will suddenly find that he has been overlooked it is your favorite.  In fact, a careful calculation, not many people’s life requirements, is to have a man love you, you love a child, a glass of water, a bowl of rice is enough.The key is that the tea and bottled water, and what you’ve been longing and looking forward to that person.A lot of people go through things in life, it is impossible to achieve impeccable, let us take a little more patience, a little more thankful.  Thanksgiving love around, maybe he is not so perfect, but he has a love of your heart.Thanksgiving your parents, maybe their language is not acceptable to you, but they are most like Hello people.What is the meaning of life it?Given that we all look forward to it and hope that it does not have the same respective meanings.  Perhaps you have never had the money to others in the eyes of the secular, power, status, and a love of his wife, but you are not happy.So, please remember that your life that you may encounter a lot of good things, all you can do is take advantage of enough.As the saying goes: “Ten years of cultivation the same boat, a hundred years of cultivation bed can sleep.”True love needs two people to use a lifetime certification, tied to the mortal world in mutual shock hearts, each heart, not from the initial to the final of a fleeting nature itself.  True love can be like a phoenix reborn Nirvana Yu fire, love can gloomy passage of time.Life, beautiful because of you.Life because of you no regrets.Maybe this life is short, but you are my three thousand Weak.