[Efficacy and role of vinegar scrambled eggs]_Benefits_Inevitable

[Efficacy and role of vinegar scrambled eggs]_Benefits_Inevitable

I believe most people don’t know about this dish of vinegar scrambled eggs, in fact, vinegar scrambled eggs is a very classic cuisine.

For those who like to cook at home, they can learn a lot about how to make it. As for the benefits of scrambled eggs with vinegar, it improves the nutrition absorbed by the body, enhances the body’s immunity, and breaks down the cholesterol of eggs.For human health, it is easier to digest and absorb.

And it tastes very good, smooth and soft!

Because I am working now and I do n’t cook anymore, I ca n’t provide everyone with pictures, please forgive me!

Please see the method I introduce to everyone below. Those who have research can try it out or let their parents do it!

Recipe price: 875 (calorie) Ingredients eggs 2 per person?
3 spoons of vinegar Method / Step 1 Cut the shallots into scallions, chopped ginger, and put them in a saucer together.

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl or basin, add the above-mentioned shallots and ginger, pour 50 ml of warm water, add 2 grams of edible salt (add as needed).

3. Stir with chopsticks until well mixed.

Stirring judgment method: 1.

Generally, it is advisable to stir the foam 2.

Or look at the color redness 3.

Or use chopsticks to pick twice.

4. Slightly heat the pot with fire to evaporate the moisture and dry the pot (so pour oil for the next step for safety).

5, take 10 grams (about 2 spoons) of cooking oil into the pot, until the oil is slightly hot, pour the egg liquid into the pot with a beep in a circle, and then spread evenly on the surface of the pot.

6. In step 5, from time to time, spread the egg liquid with a flat production, and become uniformly heated, so that it is cooked at the same time, and opened at the bottom, not to fry.

Wait for the eggs to coagulate into chunks, and the color of Huang Chengcheng will appear. Cut them into pieces of appropriate size using flat production. A delicious and healthy dish is ready!

Waiting to accept!

Precautions: Heat the pot with fire or electric cooker before pouring oil into the egg liquid. The oil temperature should not be too high. Do not open the fire during the frying process: 1. It can relieve the cough caused by colds.

2. Soften blood vessels.

3, improve the human body’s resistance and enhance human health.

4, can also carry out beauty and beauty, lower blood pressure and fat and promote digestion, so that the skin becomes fair and delicate.

5, stabilize blood pressure.

Other effects: 1. It can improve the metabolism of human cells and improve the function of immune mechanism.

2. Can suffer from rheumatoid orthopedic diseases.

3, conducive to the treatment of sequelae of cerebral arteriosclerosis.