With the computer, look down on it


With the computer, “look down” on it With the popularity of computers, operating computers is almost an indispensable part of modern people’s lives. Many people have to look at the computer screen all day because of the need for work. If this time is long, it will easily cause visual fatigue and even induce other […]

Signs of marriage crisis


Signs of marriage crisis 1. Intimacy moves less and less. A similar one, your gentleman used to kiss you, hug you, put your head on his chest, and gently stroke your hair. But these intimate moves have become less and less common these days. Sometimes you give him this signal, but he pretends to be […]

Traditional Chinese medicine characteristics


Traditional Chinese medicine characteristics Many people wake up in the morning and suddenly find that the neck is painful and stiff. Everyone knows that this is caused by “falling pillows.” Due to improper sleeping posture, long stretch of neck muscles, and neck cold, it is easy to induce pillow fall.   Chinese medicine believes that if […]

Featured: Gynecological Dysmenorrhea Food Diet


Featured: Gynecological Dysmenorrhea Food Diet Some people have pain in the lower abdomen and waist before and after menstruation, or even during menstruation. It can often be accompanied by pale skin, cold sweats on the head and face, cold hands and feet, and pancreatic vomiting.”Dysmenorrhea”, also known as “abdominal pain during menstruation”. The disease can […]

Grey nursery rhyme reflects the sadness of children’s hearts


Grey nursery rhyme reflects the sadness of children’s hearts “In my mind, only teachers are the fiercest, leaving homework to seven or eight o’clock every day. When I got home, my dad was the fiercest. Dad’s gone is the most fierce mother, scolded me every day. Mom is gone, Lao Tzu is the fiercest, and […]

Overcoming the tension when talking to leaders


Overcoming the tension when talking to leaders To avoid aggravating the nervousness, the moment you enter the office and meet the leader, let ‘s admit it straightforwardly: “I ‘m very nervous to see you! “When you see someone, you are afraid. Many leaders often say,” What are you afraid of? ” Am I a tiger? […]