What are the symptoms of cervical cancer

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer

What are the early symptoms of cervical cancer?

  Vaginal bleeding: Young patients often present with contact bleeding, which occurs during sex, gynecological examinations, and bleeding from the stool.

The amount of bleeding can be more or less, and generally depends on the size of the lesion and the invasion of interstitial blood vessels.

The early bleeding is small, and the late lesions show a large amount of bleeding. Once the blood vessel is ruptured, it may cause fatal bleeding.

Younger patients may also experience prolonged periods, prolonged periods, and increased menstrual flow.

Elderly patients often complain of irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause.

  Vaginal drainage: Patients often report increased vaginal drainage, white or bloody, thin like water or rice soup, and have a fishy smell.

In the late stage, a large amount of purulent or rice soup-like stench leucorrhea is excreted due to rupture of cancer tissue, tissue necrosis, secondary infection, etc.

  Symptoms of advanced cancer: secondary symptoms appear according to the extent of lesion invasion.

Lesions spread to pelvic connective tissue, pelvic wall, compression of ureter or prostate, sciatic nerve, frequent complaints of urinary frequency, urgency, anal bulge, constipation, severe anxiety, lower limb swelling and pain, etc. In severe cases, ureteral obstruction and hydronephrosis,Causes uremia.

By the end of the disease, the patient may experience weight loss, anemia, fever, and general failure.