[Can the gourd seedlings be eaten]_Can you eat them_Can you eat them

[Can the gourd seedlings be eaten]_Can you eat them_Can you eat them

Loofah is a kind of food that is often eaten in life. Because loofah is a Chinese medicine, it plays a very powerful role.

Even if I usually hate loofah, I can eat it from time to time. After all, it can bring a lot of things to the body. Who will not be able to get along with their own health?

The growth of the loofah is the same as that of the cucumber. It grows from the seedlings. So, can the sponge gourds be eaten?


Ingredients for vegetarian fried loofah seedlings: tender loofah seedlings, salt, garlic Method: 1. Slowly tear the barbed rough skin cover into small finger length segments 2, wash them clean, there are some small fluff on the young leaves ,,Align with scrub 3, chop garlic, fry garlic 4 in a hot pan, pour luffa seedlings, stir fry 5, some water will come out during the frying process. After about 3 minutes, add salt and fry again.The effect and effect of the loofah tip can be turned off in minutes. The loofah tip is the tender tip of the loofah vine. The loofah tip contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline and riboflavin.Vitamins, vitamin C, and saponin substances contained in ginseng also have a certain heart-strengthening effect.

It is a home-grown vegetable in summer and autumn. It is delicious, smooth, salty for young and old, rich in nutrition, and quite medicinal.

Modern medicine believes that the loofah tip contains antiviral and antiallergic active ingredients.

Because of its rich vitamin C content, it can be used for ascorbic disease and prevent various vitamin C deficiency; it contains B vitamins that are good for children and middle-aged and elderly brain health.

The loofah tip juice has the special function of maintaining skin elasticity, which can be used to remove wrinkles.

The loofah tip (that is, the loofah vine) can also relieve the cough and expectorant by activating the muscles.