Unbeaten conditioning method for workplace decompression

“Unbeaten” conditioning method for workplace decompression

Seventy-seven percent of the workforce in the workplace is quite big. After the year, like the Miss Jiang, the self-sufficient “charge” of the workplace is really not a few people. According to a network started, “Is you charging this year?”
The survey report of “People’s Further Studies and Corporate Incentives Survey” shows that more than 70% of the professionals in the workplace will pay for the training costs themselves, and the main reason for the active “charge” of the professionals is the pressure from the workplace.
  According to the survey of professionals in the country, nearly 50% of the respondents believe that the primary reason for “charging” is to seek better career opportunities; 26% think that it is the pressure of workplace competition,12% of the professionals are due to their job needs; nearly 10% are preparing for future business; only 3.
25% of people are happy to learn because of their personal interests; there are 0.
72% is to go abroad.
It can be seen that in the face of fierce competition in the workplace, more than 75% of the staff lack professional safety and hope to enrich themselves through “charging”, release pressure and find better opportunities and platforms.
  Ms. Li, who is doing sales in Japanese companies, told reporters that their companies arrange certain training every year, but she still feels that the competition is very stressful, so she saved money to study management in the weekend. “I don’t know how to learn this future.”有没有用,但我觉得只要在‘充电’心里就踏实许多,这应该也是一种缓解压力的方式吧。There are not many actions that want to “charge”. However, not everyone will strictly implement the “charging” plan like Ms. Li.
Although the survey shows that 90% of the workforce realizes that it is necessary to participate in training outside of work, it is not too much action.
Judging from the survey results, in fact, only about 40% of the people have participated in workplace training outside of work within 3 years, and less than 10% have participated in more than 3 times.
  Human resources experts told reporters that the vast majority of people did not find a suitable way of learning without active action, and equated “charging” with centralized training.
In fact, there are many forms of “charging”. Self-study, using online learning, training courses, and studying at work are all good channels. The key is to choose the one that suits you best and can persist.
  “Now most of the professionals are busy with their work, so that everyone does not have enough time and energy to go to school or professional training institutions.
However, you can use your free time to target self-study, or consciously observe the accumulation and record of communication, learn to discover the skills at work, and pay attention to summing up the successful experience of others, and turn it into your own experience and advantages.达到很好的‘充电’效果。”Ouyang Hui said.
  Most companies do not have a charging incentive mechanism. In fact, it is difficult for people in the workplace to “charge”, and some enterprise factors cannot be ignored.
According to the survey, 73% of the professionals in the workplace are responsible for the cost of charging training. Only about 20% of the respondents are reimbursed or share the “charging” training costs with the individual.
Among the respondents’ enterprises, 60% did not establish an incentive mechanism for charging training, only 15.
5% have a learning and training mechanism for all employees, with 22.
74% is only the company’s top management can enjoy the relevant system.
  Therefore, nearly 40% of the respondents indicated in the survey that they hope that the company can provide relevant training on a regular basis. Nearly 20% of the respondents hope that the company can bear part or all of the training costs of the employees.
88% of people hope to provide opportunities to study abroad, and nearly 15% only want the company to create a learning atmosphere or encouragement and point of the boss.
  In response to this survey, human resources experts pointed out that the workplace incentive system is one of the important means for modern enterprises to advocate scientific management, and enterprises should pay enough attention.
“In the era of knowledge economy, the speed of knowledge update is staggering, and the demand for talents is higher.
IT, finance, manufacturing, fast-moving and other enterprises need to establish a reasonable training mechanism to enhance the competitiveness of talents while creating a dynamic learning environment for employees.
In recent years, among some enterprises in China, there has been a boom in promoting and researching learning organizations, but there are still some gaps compared with some foreign companies.
It is reported that 20 of the top 25 companies in the United States have adapted themselves according to the model of learning organization.
The secret to the success of Microsoft, a well-known enterprise across the ages, is to build a learning organization.
This kind of transformation according to the learning organization is expected to become another trend in the development of Chinese enterprises in the future.