Spring health care

Spring health care

Spring back to the earth, the natural environment yang began to rise, full of thriving vitality everywhere.

However, the chilly spring of yang has not yet retreated, especially in early spring, and most of the time is still low.

And in the spring when the cold and temperature alternate, the climate change alternates, or the sun is shining, and the wind is warm; or the rain is continuous, the cold is attacking people.

Even in the middle of the day, the temperature difference between day and night is also turbulent, cold in the morning and evening, cold in the night, and warm in the white.

Faced with the cold and warm, the spring climate with wide temperature difference, how should people pay attention to their own health care?

  Chun Yang Yang Qi TCM Health Education believes that “Spring March, this is said to be Chen, heaven and earth are born, everything is proud.

“The human body should adapt to this climate change and lay a good foundation for a year of health, especially paying attention to raising yang.

  Take clothing as an example. The upper body is yang and the lower body is yin.

In the spring and summer, it is advisable to reduce the clothes first and then reduce the tops. For example, eating diets such as onions, ginger, garlic, leeks, etc., can even dispel the cold and cause hair growth activities in the body;The qi is yang, the blood is yin, and the spring should be taken up by the Qi and Yiqi pills. For example, exercise is yang, static is yin, and spring should moderately increase the amount of exercise, but do not sweat.So as not to hurt the yang.

  There must be an old life proverb “Spring and Autumn”.

This proverb tells us that we have just stepped into the spring, avoid premature cotton unloading, and the clothing should be increased or decreased with the change of climate.

Otherwise, the cold wind will take advantage of it, leading to a cold, upper respiratory tract infection, causing chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary heart disease and so on.

The spring climate is neither a big cold nor a big heat, mainly wind.

  In the spring, the yang yang is rising, and the body’s metabolism is beginning to flourish.

Chinese medicine has the saying that “the liver is in the spring”.

Liver gas and arthritis affect the spleen and stomach, so spring is prone to complications of spleen and stomach weakness.

Chronic digestive ulcers, chronic gastritis and chronic liver disease during the onset of the spring.

  Therefore, in spring health care should pay attention to this physiological characteristics, in the diet should be “saving acid to increase sweetness, to raise temper.

Do not drink too much, rice dough cake can not eat more, causing injury to the spleen and stomach, it is difficult to digest.

“At this time, you can eat some sexually sweet foods such as yam, glutinous rice kernels, lotus seeds, jujube, wolfberry, white fungus, etc.; should not drink too much, greasy, glutinous rice dumplings and other non-digestible foods should be less; as much as possible, largeNaturally, in the spring, there are too many wild vegetables for human beings, such as leeks, Malan head, purslane, camphor, basil, etc., which are both nutritious and have certain therapeutic effects. Don’t miss it.

  Creating a spring living environment is closely related to human health, and ancient health homes have long recognized this.

The spring weather is getting warmer and the natural world is full of vitality.

At this time, people should seize the opportunity and be more active in areas with abundant sunshine and high green coverage.

Spring warm sunshine can kill bacteria, viruses and prevent osteoporosis; green space can regulate temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration in the air, while preventing wind, dust, sterilization, reducing noise and reducing nervous tension, for good healthThere are great disadvantages.

  At this time, people can improve the environment of their lives by creating a small environment suitable for living.

Such as planting flowers and plants, raising goldfish and water grass, can not only maintain health and health, but also diligently open doors and windows, strengthen air circulation, maintain the balance of indoor and outdoor temperature, reduce the adverse effects of strong temperature difference on people.

  Strengthening the sports saying: “The year is spring.

Spring is a good time to exercise.

Because in the cold winter, people are wrapped in thick cotton coats, the body temperature regulation center and the function of the organs are reduced to varying degrees. In addition, the activity is reduced, the muscles and ligaments are lack of exercise, and people are easily tired.

The wind and the spring of the sun are most conducive to the human body to vent the new, absorb the essence of nature, fill the dirty, metaplastic blood.

At this time, people should choose sports based on their physical strength and hobbies.

If it is to prevent premature attenuation of various organ system functions, improve cardiopulmonary function and metabolic function, alternate jogging, climbing, climbing stairs, cycling and other endurance items; if it is to relax the spirit, eliminate fatigue, and replace the soft movement,Rhythmic items such as walking, qigong, Tai Chi, self-healing massage, etc.

  Need to be reminded that the spring weather changes rapidly, in the morning refining, clothes can not be worn too little; exercise should not sweat, sweating is better; some elderly people with weak constitution or lack of exercise habits, the amount of exercise should be gradual,In order to avoid sports trauma or other diseases; in addition, spring is also a prosperous period of breeding and growth of various types of bacteria, participate in outdoor sports, should pay attention to health care, to avoid unclean environment.

  How to adjust the emotions in spring is easy to get sick?

From the natural point of view, the temperature difference in the spring climate is large and changeable. The natural environment is replaced by the natural environment. The growth of the human nerve, blood vessels, endocrine and various organs and organs will be adaptively adjusted to restore.Balance with nature.

For people with poor adaptability, it is easy to cause emotional depression, and the mood is not smooth. There is a saying that “the liver is stagnation, the liver is yang, the liver is moving,”

From the point of view of modern medicine, it is prone to the onset of peptic ulcer and hemorrhage. Patients with chronic liver disease are prone to abnormal liver function, especially elevated alanine aminotransferase. Patients with psychosis and depression are prone to recurrence. Hypertension and stroke patients are also prone to attack.
  Although there are many factors in the development of the disease, the emotional change is also a predisposing factor, especially in spring.Therefore, it is very important to adjust emotions in spring.

The best way to overcome emotional fluctuations is to increase leisure activities, such as planting trees, raising flowers, playing the piano, playing chess, painting and calligraphy, fishing or short-distance travel, and strive to be comfortable and harmonious.

  Note that the changes in wind-proof natural climate are closely related to human health, and are closely related to the occurrence and development of diseases under certain conditions.

The large and rapid climate change is one of the characteristics of spring.

The climate in spring is like “the good and the change” in the natural world. It looks like a child’s face, and it can change a little in a day.

Especially in the early spring “wind cold” invasion, as long as a little careless, physically weak people are very susceptible to colds and respiratory infections.

  Chinese medicine believes that “the righteousness is in the air and the evil can’t be done.”

That is to say, colds and respiratory infections are mainly related to the decline of immune function.

Therefore, supporting “positive” and “evil” is the key to preventing disease.

  In the spring, you should get up early every day, go to a place with a lot of greenery in the place or park, and breathe fresh oxygen under the big tree. This is very beneficial to the health of the nasal mucosa and the lungs; even the “pipering”-like breathing exercise can continuously improve the vital capacity;Massage the skin around the nasal cavity to improve the ability of the nose to defend against evil spirits.

  For people who are prone to colds and respiratory infections, they can use jaundice, atractylodes, wind-proof, jujube decoction for tea every day. They can also replace honey, ginseng, ginseng, radix, yam, and huangjing under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners., Tremella and other drugs or foods that support “righteousness”, which is beneficial to enhance physical fitness.

  In addition, in the spring, you should pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to work and rest, and bring rain gear when you go out; the old man and the child avoid the crowd and the air is turbid.

Once you are sick, especially the elderly and children, avoid using your own antibiotics. You should go to the hospital in time.