Pleasant sexual help orgasm

Pleasant “sexual” help orgasm

Although people are happy to endlessly strive to temper their art of making love, in order to improve and perfect the quality and level of life of couples, unfortunately, couples get sexual harmony, happiness and pleasure.
Because we neglect or forget the huge art treasure of “body function”.
For example, the influence of sound on sex can not only ignite the passion of couples in their sexual life, but also destroy the strong “sex” interest of couples.
  呻吟激荡着春心  在做爱的过程中,有的女子常常会发出程度不同的呻吟声或叫喊声,形式多种多样,有的人会发出一种不间断的呻吟;有的人形容像鸡鸣,Some people also describe it as enduring torture or pain, using some phrases such as “哎哎, 哎哟, 呀, 哎哟, 嗯, 哼, 啊哈” to express sexual feelings.
  The uncontrollable voice in the process of making love should be said to be difficult to express in words.
It is generally considered to be a kind of sexual vocalization, that is, “sexual sound” or “sexual sound”.
The Japanese express themselves with “sweet crying” or “satisfaction”.
For this kind of cry, some men hold a happy attitude and use the size of the sound as the criterion for the degree of excitement or pleasure of women.
There are very few men who publicly express aversion to this kind of snoring.
However, there are quite a few men who secretly confess in their hearts: I only heard or saw (in the A-level film) prostitutes or adulteresses screaming in a wave of screams, how can women who are well-behaved be called out?
  This may be a prejudice, or the result of a lack of common sense.
Indeed, a prostitute or a woman with watery poppies will deliberately yell and express their sexual reactions when making love with men. This is just a professional skill of them, rather than a real sexual pleasure.
The couple’s snoring in the process of making love is entirely due to the sexual pleasure that comes from the upcoming orgasm. It is a natural physiological reaction.
  Physiologically, women have a snoring in sex for two reasons.
On the one hand, the oxygen content in the blood will decrease as it approaches or reaches orgasm.
At this time, women will show a series of so-called “orgasm symptoms” such as eye loss, blurred vision, and mild sputum due to a slight hypoxia.
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Carbon dioxide will increase relatively, so the breathing will inevitably accelerate, and the accelerated breathing will be disordered, and it will naturally embarrass the embarrassment that is characteristic of orgasm.
On the other hand, when the orgasm is approaching, the “exciting substance” in the female brain will increase accordingly. This “exciting substance” and people’s understanding of it is still very limited.
But it is known that it can make people’s consciousness ambiguous and does not relieve the brain’s inhibition.
This effect will dilute the woman’s reason and send out a cry that is hard to imagine.
Some women have snorted about themselves, and even after she even knows nothing about herself.
  It can be seen that the buzz in the life of a couple has a very exciting effect on the enjoyment of the spring fun.
In particular, the “exclamation” that women use to use short syntax overlaps not only makes men feel like a particularly pleasant music “accompaniment”, but also makes men feel emotional and accelerate the arrival of orgasm.