Long-term insistence on running has these 13 facts about the body

Long-term insistence on running has these 13 facts about the body

Eyes: People who insist on long-distance running have a day and a little time to look into the distance every day. This is a good relaxation for the eyes. If you have school-age children at home, you can keep running every day, and the chance of myopia is definitely reduced.

Distal, shoulder, spine: People who often sit in front of the computer will have some cervical vertebrae, shoulder problems, correct running posture, posture is straight and relaxed, long-term adherence to the cervical spine and shoulders is very large.improve.

Heart: Persistence in running will give you a powerful heart and cardiovascular function.

The amount of oxygen delivered to various organs of the body is greatly increased while increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, and the quality of work of each organ is naturally greatly improved.

In addition, the middle and long-distance running will accelerate the blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thereby preventing various cardiovascular diseases.

Through the movement of the lower limbs, venous blood is promoted back to the heart, and intravenous thrombosis is also prevented.

Blood: With a strong cardiovascular system, the blood quality of runners is better than that of ordinary people. The body’s adaptive changes to long-term long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels.

Lung and respiratory system: long-term middle and long-distance running exercise makes the lung function stronger, and expands the vital capacity – regular long-term long-distance running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs, so that the amount of ventilation becomes larger and the lung function is enhanced.

I personally have a recurring rhinitis episode every year that is very torturous, but there is no repetition after running this year. I don’t know if it matters?

Liver: When I was in a physical examination, the medical examiner called the intern to the front and said: You come to see, this is a healthy liver, and the surface of the blood vessels has a clear texture. Now it is rare.

Running to eliminate the unfortunate liver, which has been verified in many runners, very effective.

Abdomen: Or the abdomen of the abdominal muscles is a dream of many people. Many fitness instructors’ suggestions and online abdominal muscle tearers can help you practice your abdominal muscles more powerfully, but you still need to run like this.The aerobic exercise removes the thick outer packaging of the abdominal muscles.

Of course, you must stick to it, because the abdomen is the most embarrassing, and if you relax a little, it will counterattack.

Waist, chest: The change in running is the first in this position. Many runners have had this experience. After starting to run again, the weight has not been significantly reduced, but the body has improved significantly, especially the waistline has become more beautiful.

Baseball: Some people say that running Bailey only hurts one knee. This is a certain truth.

Most people who insist on running have suffered more or less knee injuries.

However, I learned from the same number of running friends who have been running for more than ten years: they will encounter the same problem when they start running. Some people will even hurt themselves when they walk, but gradually accumulate and accumulate the amount of jogging.The practice has become more and more solid.

Muscle: In addition to the seemingly strong and elastic, the muscle tissue of people who often run will also change. The distribution of capillaries in a certain volume of muscle is greatly increased, and it is more efficient and comfortable to oxygen and nutrients.

I don’t know if people who are running are more resistant to cold. Is it also related to this?

Gastrointestinal: Middle and long-distance running makes people feel full and optimistic, improve appetite, strengthen digestion and promote nutrient absorption. Of course, what is more enviable is how to eat and not fat, haha.

Muscle: Long-term long-distance running can strengthen the muscles of the lungs, muscles, muscles, chest muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and waist, cheekbones, thighs, calves, feet, etc., so that the surrounding muscles are not easy to accumulate lactic acid or cardiovascularMetabolites.

Running can be said to be the basis of all sports and translates into a positive impact on your participation in other sports.

Bone: Long-term long-distance running can improve the strength of each joint, the softness of the ligaments; increase the strength and density of the bones, avoid degenerative osteoporosis in the elderly, and see the elders in each marathon event know the long-distance runners.How strong the bones are.