Skinny baby fattening secret recipe

Skinny baby fattening secret recipe

Generally, those who are thinner want to gain weight and fitness. In fact, they do not need to resort to drugs. As long as they are properly dieted and supplemented with dietetic therapy, they will receive good results.

Thin people, more yin deficiency, less blood and less, so diet should be more food, such as milk, honey, eggs and so on.

  For children to increase fat, you can consider milk, almonds, sesame, cashews and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink, and cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect.

In addition, introduce some kinds of fertilizing diets suitable for children: (1) Prepare yam, cheese, sugar, wash fresh yam, mash the mud, add rice porridge when cooked, then mix in cheese, sugaredible.

Because the yam tastes sweet and flat, it can make up for the win, long muscles, moisturizing the hair, for the treatment of weight loss.

The cheese can nourish the lungs and nourish the skin.

The combination of the two can be used to transport the spleen and stomach and fund the source. Therefore, the child is weak and the effect is very good.

  (2) Prepare 200 grams of fresh grapes, 1 pear, wash the grapes, remove the granules, peel the pits of the pears, cut into pieces, and squeeze the grapes and the pears out of the juice with a juicer.

1 dose per day, when tea is mixed.

Can be tonic and strong, benefit Qi and fat.

  (3) Prepare 2 sweet oranges, 15 grams of lemon juice, and honey.

Wash the oranges, cut them in half, squeeze the juice with a juicer, add honey, and mix thoroughly with lemon juice.

1 per day?
2 times, when tea is mixed.

It can strengthen the spleen, appetite, and fat.

  (4) Prepare 100 grams of red dates, wash the red dates, boil until soft.

Take 1 dose a day, take 2 times, and drink soup and dates.

It can replenish spleen and strengthen spleen.

  (5) 500 grams of walnut kernels, the amount of sugar.

Stir the walnuts until they are cooked, add sugar, and use the crusher powder for fine.

2 times a day, 2 times each time?
3 spoons, taken on an empty stomach.

Can be kidney ton, fat and moisturizing.

  In addition, parents should make children a balanced diet, can eat cream or other edible oils, jams, sugar and other high-fat, high-sugar foods to increase calories.

Although weight gain is too fast, long-term or excessive consumption can undermine appetite and may lead to chronic diseases that endanger health.

Use a balanced diet and incremental food intake to avoid compulsive supplies and sabotage appetite.