How white-collar men can stay healthy and help you

How white-collar men can stay healthy and help you

First, iron supplementation is not the focus of men who are less than 2% of the real iron deficiency, so there is no need to worry about how to supplement the iron.

(1) Iron supplementation may mask the disease information transmitted to people by visceral hemorrhage.

If most men have iron deficiency anemia, the body may hide hidden dangers of chronic blood loss or hematopoietic disorders.

If you do not look for the cause of iron deficiency and blindly supplement the iron, it will continue to treat the timing.

(2) Compared with women, men cannot withstand the overload of iron.

Because women can relieve the load of excess iron through menstruation, men do not have this advantage.

Second, increase the prevention of antioxidants (especially vitamin E) Antioxidants can prevent free radical damage to the blood vessel wall, thereby preventing embolism and preventing coronary heart disease.

Coarse grains, nuts, and vegetable oils almost all contain vitamin E.

Therefore, men should eat more of this type of food.

Third, the protein is suitable for the pursuit of muscle development, eating more foods containing high protein is more common in men.

Usually, in addition to manual strength exercise, most men do not need to add extra protein, and a daily amount of meat, poultry, fish, soy products, plus an appropriate amount of low-fat dairy products is enough.

Fourth, attention to the forgotten zinc and zinc, is the active ingredient of various enzymes in the body, is important for regulating immune system function and promoting growth and development. Men should pay attention to seafood, lean meat, coarse grains and legumes.

Five, vitamin folic acid supplementation, homocysteine is recognized as one of the known dangerous risk factors, and vitamin B6 is helpful in the decomposition of homocysteine, more common in chicken, fish, coarse grains, legumesAnd cereals.