White-collar health compulsory course guards the body often sports

White-collar health compulsory course guards the body often sports

White-collar health compulsory, in addition to maintaining exercise, reasonable expectations, healthy sleep, should also pay attention to improve the working environment, relax tension, regular health checkups, for you on a business trip, you can not forget to vaccinate!

  1, set up a fitness clock to take the initiative to recommend adults to perform at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day, at least 5 days a week, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lung cancer and colon cancer by 20%?
30% and improve bone health and extend life.

However, if you want to prevent weight gain, you should have high-intensity activities for at least 60 minutes a day.

  You can set up a fitness alarm clock, put yourself up for an activity every hour, walk in the hallway, climb the stairs.

The mid-rest time is actually a very good exercise time. After eight minutes, you can go around and turn around to relax your brain and improve your work efficiency in the afternoon.

And walking fast, walking the dog, playing table tennis, jumping aerobics, mopping the floor is a very good way of activities, daily activities for more than 30 minutes, can be completed in several times, but it is best to last more than 10 minutes each time.

  2, put a record table to eat, the ratio is reasonable to estimate the health is the basis, when eating out, you should pay more attention to control the amount of food, the principle is: eat every way, just taste a little, reasonable drinking.

Eat to balance, eat feeling seven-point full, do not support; move can walk about 1 hour every day, reaching 6000 steps.

Every day, the body’s “revenue and expenditure” should be balanced.

If you can’t balance every day, at least ensure a balance within a week.

  Health is the accumulation of daily bits and pieces. You can put a record on the reset top, one column is to eat, one column is moving, and the three meals per day fullness and exercise time are simply recorded, and the comparison is clear and clear.

You can also set up a pedometer to monitor the number of walks and energy consumption.

There are also a lot of mobile apps for this kind of health app, and friends who like convenience can also download and try.

  3, every year to do a physical examination plus an Hp test, whether young or middle-aged, every year should do an individual test.

Young people have high work pressure and irregular diet, which can easily cause diseases such as peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis and even stomach cancer, colon cancer and so on.

The infection rate of Helicobacter pylori (Hp) is high, which has a certain relationship with the occurrence of stomach diseases and even gastric cancer.

Therefore, a certain physical examination should be done with a certain Helicobacter pylori test, which can be completed with a simple breath test.

  4, often travel vaccines must be planted out of the crowd often eat outside, the risk of infection with hepatitis A and hepatitis E is higher, you can go to the local disease control center to inject hepatitis A vaccine, you can do it once, do not have to repeat breeding.

White-collar workers who often travel are not allowed to eat aquatic products such as buttercups and sea crabs that are not familiar with them, so as to avoid hepatitis E infection.

  5, work and rest combined with sleep every day, the rhythm is intense during the day, the work pressure is high, many white-collar workers will have insomnia at night, long-term mutual influence work, the body damage is also great.

Watching TV in bed, working, sleeping with lights on are all unhealthy sleeps.

We have found in clinical that 80% of people with sleep disorders have problems with poor sleep hygiene.

The bed is for sleeping, and other activities in the bed will affect sleep. It is recommended to stay in bed for seven to eight hours.

  To develop a good sleep hygiene should do the following: regular breaks, form a good sleep pattern; do not read in bed, watch TV or listen to the radio; proper physical activity (but not two hours before going to bed), physical fatigueIt will increase the ability to fall asleep; proper sun exposure during the day will help melatonin secretion at night and help to fall asleep.

  6, work too tight to leave a gap in the body and the heart to issue a warning, if left unattended, both cause health effects, and even cause many diseases.

Learning self-health management is the skill that every white-collar worker needs to learn. Every year, he has to arrange a week of empty period to regulate his physiology and supplement energy.

Or go to a long-awaited place to travel; or soak a cup of light tea at home, read your favorite book, taste the afternoon, replace all the burdens, and be true to yourself.

  7. Properly improve the working environment. Indoor and atmospheric pollution always makes the healthy body breathless. The noise of computers, mobile phones and home appliances in our daily life is a source of pollution that we often neglect. We improve the environment in addition to trying to improve our environment.For defenses such as surfing the Internet, you can plant some beneficial green plants indoors to improve indoor air quality.