Let the angels happy

Let the angels happy

This is just a very ordinary day.

My wife is an administrator of a university, mainly dealing with dormitory administrators and students.

For her, it is very common for students to say hello.

  However, this is another special day, because what happened on this day will bring her something new.

As she got off work, she sat at the desk and did some desk work, suddenly hearing someone laughing in the middle of life.

She looked up and was shocked by what she saw.

  This is not a student who usually visits her office to ask about living in a dormitory or repeat a prison.

Standing at the door of the office is a very short black boy. He really can’t say that he is decent and he has obvious congenital defects.

  He was very short, and his face looked somewhat distorted when he stood with a wooden stick.

Obviously, his vision is also very weak.

Try to keep calm, my wife asked him: “Hello, can I help you with something?”

He smiled and replied: “No, ma’am.”

I just want to make some friends on campus, but most people are not willing to talk to me, I think they must be scared by my appearance.

“Trying to make my answer euphemistic, my wife said: “This is not the case!

I am not scared by you, you look good.

“Giggle when he put the backpack on the ground.”

My wife asked him: “Is there any problem with your dormitory that I need to help?

“No, ma’am.”

I am not a student. I am carrying this bag to look like a student. The brakes are willing to talk to me and become friends with me.

But I don’t think this package works, because no one wants to talk to me for too long.

I came to the campus because there are so many people here, I want to make friends.

“When she looked at him, her eyes began to get wet.

She desperately controlled her emotions, fearing that the boy thought she was sorry about his situation.

Personality continued, he told her something about her; she pointed out to him more things in his life and in dealing with students.

  His laughter is very infectious, and his innocence is very enjoyable.

Before she knew her feelings, she joined herself and didn’t look at him like she did at the beginning.

“Oh, I think I have wasted you for a long time, I better leave.

You must have something more important than my personality.

“He article.

  Her tears began to emerge again as he bent down to pick up his backpack from the ground.

But this time the tears are no longer due to her sympathy for his situation, or because of her incredible brave respect for him.

Controlling the tears, she said: “You are the friendliest and handsome guy I have ever seen.

Promise me, you will come again, and I am very happy with your personality.

Can you promise me?

He smiled and looked down unnaturally, then said, “Okay, I promise you, I will come again, but climbing the stairs is very difficult for me.”

Madam, can I ask you a question?

“Of course, what do you want to know?”

“My wife stood up and she wanted to hold his hand before he left.”  He stood there quietly, looked in her direction and asked: “What did you just say really?

Without any hesitation, she immediately replied: “It is true, that is the most authentic words I have ever said!”

He took his stick and prepared to leave, suddenly stopped and looked in her direction.

  ”I can’t see you very clearly, but in my life, I believed in others for the first time.

Thank you for talking to me and being my friend.

I will be back, I am now beginning to believe in others!

He slowly walked out of her office and giggled and said softly: “I believe.”

“Don’t ignore the love for strangers, maybe we are unknowingly letting angels happy.”