Old people are often motivated by alarm clocks

Old people are often motivated by alarm clocks

Many office workers in life will set an alarm clock in the evening, for fear of being late or sleeping.

I don’t know how often I wake up with an alarm clock, which can cause high blood pressure.

  The alarm clock is a daily necessities that people often use. When people are woken up by an alarm clock, people often feel this way. At the moment when the piercing ring piercing the eardrum, it is like a sharp cone stuck into the brain, and someone suddenly wakes up.

Some people who are used to sleeping late are not very comfortable with this feeling, but sometimes there is no way to go to work.

  Cardiovascular expert tips: Suddenly awakened to cause high blood pressure According to the doctor, people suddenly wake up by the alarm clock during deep sleep, which will cause physical protective reflexes, rapid increase in adrenaline levels, rapid heartbeat, and elevated vasoconstriction pressure.
Long-term exposure to this kind of stimulation can indeed lead to a series of sleep problems and even cause high blood pressure.

Especially for people whose sleep quality is not too high, the long-term, repeated stimulation of the alarm clock is likely to become a cause of high blood pressure.

  Cardiovascular expert tips: The role of alarms varies from person to person. Of course, the role of alarms varies from person to person.

If the citizens usually keep regular schedules, they will basically go to bed at a fixed time and get up, the impact of the alarm clock on them will be much smaller.

Because some people’s subconscious will appear in this fixed time, this will make the stimulation of the alarm invisibly cause a lot of mildness, and will not cause physical discomfort or even various diseases.

  Cardiovascular experts suggest that the law of sleep restores the burden on the heart. For busy office workers, it is an unchangeable rule to work at regular intervals.

The doctor suggested that you should try to ensure the regularity of sleep and sleep for 8 hours. Because people who only sleep for four or five hours are referenced, the person who sleeps for 8 hours will be much less sensitive to the alarm, and the stimulation will be smaller.

In addition, the ringtone of the alarm clock is best to choose some soft and natural music to reduce the burden on the heart; the alarm clock should not be too close to the head.