Sleep 4

Sleep 4


However, fullness: Chinese medicine says “the stomach is not and the bed is uneasy”, because the spleen and stomach need rest at night, and eating too much at dinner will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, disturbing the yang of the spleen and stomach, thus affecting sleep.

Therefore, dinner should eat seven or eight full, and try to be light, to take care of the spleen and stomach.


But move: it is not appropriate to sleep before going to bed and disturb the yang, including watching TV before going to bed, talking and chatting, etc.

And the radiation of TV, audio and other electrical appliances itself will interfere with the autonomic nerves of the human body. Therefore, it is not appropriate to do whole body exercise for half an hour before going to bed, watch TV, chat and discuss.


But thinking: Some people like to read books at night, write articles, and feel that people who are quiet at night are very spirited and efficient. But they think more about hurting the spleen, and thinking more about disturbing the mind, so many people can hardly fall asleep after thinking.

Therefore, before going to bed, you should calm your mind and do your best to “sleep before you sleep.”


But point: after 11 o’clock in the evening, the gallbladder is open to the aerodynamics, people can easily sleep without being able to sleep, and it is easy to consume the gallbladder.

So don’t sleep too late.

  Traditional health talks about “three-point adjustment, seven-point maintenance”. After the winter, the citizens generally pay attention to tonic, but Zhang Jinxiu of Guangzhou Sanjun Nursery Center believes that using food and health care products to nurse the human body, although it can do a certain role,But the focus of health care is to develop a good sleep, eating habits, of which sleep is particularly important, the so-called, “medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, food supplement is better than sleep.”