White-collar workers: Looking for a punching bag to sleep and wake up naturally

White-collar workers: Looking for a punching bag to sleep and wake up naturally

“No time, I don’t have time .”, Mo Wenwei’s lazy song sounded, yeah!

How could a modern man in shock be under the pressure?

  When you are studying, you must be busy working to enrich your social experience. When you are working, you have to be busy charging and busy with those various qualification certifications . The pressure is so great that you can’t let the white collar breathe a sigh of relief!

Decompression becomes a homework for white-collar growth.

  How to decompress it?

You have eighteen palms of dragons, and I will take a small step in Lingbo to replace the white-collar beauty and tell my own decompression cheats.

  After experiencing stress at work, during the holidays, you can let yourself sleep and wake up naturally and relax, or you can make yourself a table delicious, so that the nervousness of the brain is swept away, and you can also find friends to gather.
… If none of this relaxes, then go to a psychiatrist!

The psychiatrist will prescribe the right medicine to relax the spirit. In addition, there are some decompression training courses that can also be used as a reference.

  The punching bag made me say that during Sorry’s time, I worked for a very well-known public relations company.

When I thought about public relations, I immediately linked myself to a white-collar beauty, looked into the mirror, dressed in a formal dress, and tried to be a lady’s self, and narcissism was extremely inflated.

  However, the good feeling did not last long. The first customer I took over was KEN, which was called “super killer” by the sisters in the company.

Based on my years of experience in rivers and lakes, I always feel that male clients are mostly embarrassed and angry with girls, especially the more delicate and smart girls.

So I sent KEN a kind of self-introduced MAIL in a tone of saliva that I had sore throats, hoping to cooperate with each other happily.

Who knows that this is the beginning of my painful public relations career. KEN called in time and told me with extremely arrogant tone that I had finished the work that seemed to take me at least 3 days to complete that day.Well, young people, work harder.

“Although there are tens of thousands of reasons to reason with this arrogant guy, the beauty director said in one sentence that I have no excuse for resistance: I must learn to never say no to clients when doing public relations!

God knows that I have always been fierce and finally waited for the “return in response.”

Distressed, the first time in my life, working overtime all night, the impossible becomes possible.

  Early in the morning, I took a bit of natural air out of the office building. At 9 o’clock, my face was gray and I sat on the workbench again.

The phone rang and it was KEN. It turned out that he had received the MAIL I sent out early. I was waiting for the compliment. Who knows, KEN only said it lightly: “It’s fast, but there are too many things to modify. Look at me.MAIL, it’s all in there.

“Opening KEN’s MAIL depressingly turned out to be a company profile of tens of thousands of words. At the end of the MAIL, KEN’s instructions: Please give me the revised things an hour later.

Sure enough, it’s a killer!

Almost with tears, I completed everything I had to do in the shortest time. When I went home that night, I collapsed to bed.

  Come and go like this. During the month, the tired is always accompanied by depression, and the joy and accomplishment of work are washed away.

Seeing that the “senior” employees in the company can always maintain the upward vitality, I can’t help but wonder.

Finally, LILY, who was very close to me, revealed the mystery. It turned out that there was a “secret recipe” for decompression in the company: near the company, there was a home-cooked restaurant with wonderful business, and because the business was too good, the people who came here were oldThere will be conflicts for waiting seats, and a senior waiter in the store often has to mediate these things.

The sisters who are often depressed in the company often come to eat together. After one or two visits, they find that the waiter’s temperament is particularly soft. No matter which side of the conflict scatters the fire on him, he has the same smile and anger.I can’t see it, and occasionally he would say a few words of “reason”, but he was more excited to shuttle back to everyone.

The sisters then found the safest punching bag. Think about it, the constant complaints every day will inevitably lead to a “strike”, and this punching bag will not only be angry, but also respond with almost appreciation.For you, where can you find such pleasure?

  I personally experienced it with doubt and doubt, and found that the rumors were true. The grievance of that day was accepted by the senior waiter’s good temper, and it really disappeared.

Later, I tried it addictively a few times and tried it again and again, but some doubts that this restaurant’s wonderful business is also related to this “marketing strategy”?

After all, in the several office buildings near the restaurant, there are companies that do “Party B”. There is no shortage of depression, and everyone needs decompression.

  Then I finally left the company and no longer had so much depression to vent, so I didn’t go to that restaurant for a long time.

Occasionally I passed by once and went to meet the waiter. He laughed and said, “It’s much better, let’s change jobs.

“The voice is clear and clear, and there is no wolverine who usually nods his head.

Suddenly realized that it turned out that he understood everything, but just so willingly used his “humble” to give others an anger.

For a moment, he watched as he walked away and said to himself: “Sorry for our punching bag.

“Sleep until you wake up naturally. This is a popular couplet:” Count your money and cramp your hands. “” Sleep until you wake up naturally. ”

And sleeping awake naturally becomes Aru’s decompression method.
  Aru is a medical representative of an American company. Her job is to block doctors in various hospitals related to her company’s medicines every day.
There are not many people in the company, so she is responsible for many hospitals.

Because Beijing’s hospitals are scattered, and many doctors have different hours of work, this makes her job very random. Sometimes she has to get up at more than 6 o’clock every day. When the company participates, the hospital will pick the time when the hospital is already off work., So it’s very late to go home.

  Although it is not necessary to report to the company every day, the manager will occasionally check the status of the work.

Her salary is not low among her peers, but again, the commission is not high, and the amount of achievement to be achieved is also an astronomical figure for her now.

Therefore, Aru is also under pressure.

  In addition to eating and drinking with friends, Aru’s greatest pleasure is to sleep naturally on the weekends. After sleeping, she feels tired, “and there is a feeling of resurrection”!